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Diversified-Life, Inc. is an independent agency representing 50+ companies. We do not sell for one company, so we can customize a product just for you.
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Medicare & Insurance

We offer affordable Medicare plan choices and insurance products to provide you the peace of mind you only get from knowing you've financially protected your loved ones.
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Investing & Annuities

We help you identify, prioritize, and achieve your financial goals via an assortment of products designed to help grow & protect your retirement savings and future income.
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Benefit Plans

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DLI Services
A comprehensive plan meets many needs. Whether you're ensuring proper coverage, protecting a family, looking for ways to leave a legacy to loved ones or building a fund for your own retirement, our portfolio of products, underwritten by more than a single company, can provide you with a variety of solutions designed to meet your needs. 

representatives can assist you in a number of ways.  Some major categories of our services are listed below:

Disability Insurance
Life Insurance
Long Term Care
Major Medical / Hospital

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